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Signup Questions

To check to see if ImOn fiber-to-the-home service is currently available in your neighborhood, just enter your home address here. This will tell you if service is currently available, if your neighborhood is in the construction phase and if service will be available soon, or if service is not available. If service is available you will be given a time frame of when to expect service. If service is not available, you can add your name to a list to show your interest in getting service in the future.

ImOn Communications will provide all of the necessary equipment you will need to get your service started. Standard Wi-Fi service is included free in all Internet packages. Unfortunately, with fiber-to-the-home service, you are unable to provide your own modem. 

To see our current sales promotions, just complete the form here. Once you submit the form, you will be provided with all the offers currently available for your neighborhood. This will ensure you are getting the best price available.

By signing up for ImOn service before construction is complete, you can guarantee that you will get service installed as soon as it is available. Plus, we frequently offer special pre-install pricing when you sign up early. Getting the best price on your service, often locked in, means you can start experiencing fiber Internet at its lowest price!

ImOn Communications is a local company, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with locations and local teams in Iowa City and Dubuque. We’re a company of people who derive genuine satisfaction from taking care of each other, our customers, and our community. Which means we do things a little differently than most telecom companies. Our 140+ employees work night and day to provide a personalized and positive experience for all our customers. We stand behind our work and appreciate the opportunity to serve you! Welcome to ImOn!

ImOn fiber-to-the-home technology is the fastest and most reliable way to access the Internet. It provides a seamless, nearly instantaneous connection so you don’t have to worry about buffering, or pages taking too long to load. It also means that everyone in your household can play games, watch TV, work, and browse the Internet simultaneously, without slowing things down for everyone else. Here’s what’s different about ImOn’s fiber-to-the-home services:

  • Newer Technology: The difference between copper and fiber has been likened to the difference between the telegraph and the telephone. Fiber to the home uses fiber optic cable that contains strands of glass, thinner than a human hair. It carries digital information over long distances using pulses of light, instead of electricity, like traditional copper cable.
  • Speed: Internet over ImOn’s fiber-to-the-home network is noticeably and measurably faster. In fact, ImOn offers speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000Mb)! You can easily share photos, videos, work from home, and do online gaming without a second thought. No more video buffering or waiting for your files to download.
  • Bandwidth: With fiber-to-the-home, slow or lagging Internet becomes a thing of the past. Light is efficient, so fiber cables carry more information – thousands of times more than copper wire. That means you won’t notice any slowdowns during the peak times of day when your neighbors are on the internet too.
  • Reliable: Fiber to the home technology is pretty much immune to many of the factors and interferences that affect copper cable. Also, it won’t falter under harsh weather conditions and electrical surges. That all adds up to less downtime for you!
  • Increased Home Values: A study found that fiber-to-the-home may increase a home’s value by up to 3.1 percent (according to the Fiber to the Home Council Americas).

Your payment today will be a deposit towards your first month of service once you are installed! You will also receive a priority, free installation when service becomes available. 

Service Questions

Below are the costs of our current internet plans. Each plan currently includes a FREE install ($70 value) and FREE Whole Home Wifi + our app to monitor your internet usage and more!

Determining the Internet speed that best suits your household can be difficult. Your Internet speed can be greatly affected by the number of people in your home using it, how many devices are connected to your Internet, and what activities you are doing on the Internet. To help you find the best Internet speed for your home, ImOn created a Speed Analyzer tool. To use the Speed Analyzer answer a few easy questions about your home’s connected devices and Internet usage. Then the ImOn Speed Analyzer will recommend the best Internet speed for your needs. That way you get the Internet speed you need, but aren’t paying for something you don’t need or won’t use.

We do provide Video, Internet and Phone service in the Iowa City, Coralville and Dubuque areas.

To check to see if ImOn fiber-to-the-home service is currently available in your neighborhood, just enter your home address here. This will tell you whether service is currently available or not. If service is not available, don’t worry, you can help expedite the process of getting ImOn service in your neighborhood! There is a form on the page that tells you if service is available. By filling out this form in its entirety, you are showing us that there is interest for ImOn service in your neighborhood. The more people that fill out the form and show interest in your neighborhood, helps us determine where to expand the ImOn fiber-to-the-home network.

ImOn offers a wide range of Internet packages to give you access to the speed you need for the way you use the Internet. Internet speeds range from 30Mb to 1Gig. To see what speed would be right for you be sure to check the Speed Analyzer.

ImOn Communications offers 3 phone plans: Local Phone, Local line Plus Phone, and Freedom Phone. To see more details on specific phone plans visit our Fiber-to-the-Home Phone Service.

Construction Questions

Our goal throughout the entire construction process is to be as minimally invasive as possible and help return your property to its original state. Construction crews will primarily be working on utility poles and in the utility easement on your property to build our fiber network. These areas may be located in your front or back yard. In the easements, ImOn will do underground boring to insert conduit and the fiber lines underground. The boring machine makes small holes in the lawn to run plastic conduit underground. ImOn uses this method to install our conduit because it minimizes the damage to your property. Once the majority of the physical construction is complete in your neighborhood, the ImOn construction crews will begin the process of restoring your impacted lawn. ImOn crews will fill holes with at least 6 inches of black dirt and rake the area to make sure the area is level. Next, grass seed and fertilizer will be spread over the impacted areas. The homeowner will need to continue to maintain by watering the reseeded area.

Typically, our fiber construction process takes one month to complete. Unfortunately, is very dependent on weather and availability of supplies. You will be notified by a letter in the mail a few weeks before construction starts in your neighborhood. Throughout the construction process, we provide updates on our Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Dubuque New Area Facebook pages or the expansion update page.

During the winter months, ImOn continues construction in new service areas of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Dubuque. However, due to the unpredictable winter weather conditions the construction process may take a little longer to complete.

ImOn sends all homeowners a letter a few weeks before construction starts in their neighborhood. In this letter, we specify which Fiberhood your home is located in. Throughout the construction process, we provide fiberhood updates on the Fiberhood status page and the ImOn Iowa City New Area Facebook Page. We recommend liking the page to get all the latest updates.