Fiberhood Status Updates for Dubuque

Check below for updates on the status of your Fiberhood and learn more about each phase of the construction process.
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*This map provides a visual of ImOn’s current fiberhood expansion areas. To verify if your address is part of one of these fiberhoods enter your address here.

Fiberhood Construction Process

The ImOn new fiberhood construction process consists of five phases.

Check below for the Current Status of your Fiberhood!​

Identifying Your Fiberhood

Below you will be able to identify which stage of the construction process your Fiberhood is in. You can identify your fiberhood by locating the name associated at the bottom of the button. See the example for clarification.

What is the percentage above my Fiberhood? The percentage shown is how close your Fiberhood is to reaching the customer referral goal. See the EXTRA benefits you receive when your fiberhood reaches these milestones here!

Your Fiberhood(1)

1. Interest Phase

Construction on your fiberhood has not yet started, but it will later this year. To stay up to date on the construction process and to be notified when service is available, check your address.

2. Sign-Up Phase

Your fiberhood is in the sign up phase! Be the first to get ImOn fiber-to-the-home service when it becomes available in your neighborhood! This means once construction is complete and service goes live in your fiberhood, your home will be one of the first to be installed because you signed up now. Click on your fiberhood below to get started.

3. Construction Phase

Your fiberhood is in the construction phase! Check out the Fiber-to-the-Home Construction process information to see what the construction process will look like. Now is the time to sign up, so you’ll be one of the first in your neighborhood to get hooked up with ImOn fiber-to-the-home services! Click on your fiberhood below to get started.

4. Schedule Install Phase

Your fiberhood is in the schedule install phase! If you have already signed up for service, we will be contacting you to set up your install. Haven’t signed up yet? Click on your fiberhood below to get started.

5. Fiberhood is Complete

Your fiberhood is complete and you can get ImOn fiber-to-the-home services installed at your home immediately! Click on your fiberhood below to get started.